Praxis or State Basic Skills Exam Preparation

Most state basic skills exams are very similar to the Praxis Core. While we do recommend that teachers college students use the Praxis Core resources to prepare for any of the basic skills exams, we also highly recommend that students look online for the official study guide specific to their state’s exam.


The following steps will help you prepare to take or retake the writing portion of your exam:   


Step 1:

The Student Success Center can show you how to locate, register, and access the Learning Express Study Guide (which includes PrepSTEP) and online practice exams.


Step 2:

Take one of the Learning Express practice tests in preparation for an appointment with the Student Success Center (Step 3).


Step 3:

Make an appointment with a Student Success Specialist. During a one-on-one phone appointment, a Student Success Specialist will

  • help you interpret your score report from the multiple-choice portion of one of the Learning Express practice tests and show you how to use the resources to target opportunities for improvement,


  • model how to use graphic organizers to help you plan your timed essays. This is a critical pre-writing step that will save you time in the long-run, and


  • teach you how to use the Praxis essay scoring rubric to analyze sample essay scores and explanations. This will help you learn how to self-score your timed essays.


Step 4:

Work through the recommended resources provided from the practice test to build your knowledge and skills. The recommendation key will help you determine how to prioritize your use of the resources. Then, take another Learning Express practice test, interpret your score report, and self-analyze your timed essay(s).




What next?

There are four writing practice tests in Learning Express. Repeat step 4 to gauge your progress.


If you need assistance beyond these steps to build your writing skills, consider scheduling an appointment with the Writing Center. To prepare for the appointment, you will share each of your practice test results. During the appointment, the Writing Instructor will help you develop a study plan.  


We wish you the best of luck on all your exams! 


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