Writing Center Appointments

The Writing Center often books up a week in advance. We recommend planning ahead, especially during high demand times such as end of term and holidays.


  • In order to serve the large WGU student population, students may have 3 appointments per week and 1 appointment per day. The Writing Center may cancel excess appointments. 


  • If a student is not available or prepared for the appointment to begin at the scheduled time, please note that the appointment will still end at the originally scheduled time. All writing support is by appointment, so if a student misses the appointment, the student will need to reschedule.


  • Live and video appointments are reserved specifically for individual students to receive personalized feedback/support from a Writing Center Instructor. If a student cannot keep the appointment, the Writing Center requests that the student cancel the booking as soon as possible (preferably at least four hours before the scheduled appointment) so that another student can reserve this time with a Writing Center Instructor.


  • The Writing Center does not provide feedback on tasks that are actively being evaluated. If a student wants feedback from the Writing Center, but has submitted a task for evaluation, the student may want to remove it from the queue (prior to evaluation starting) to ensure that the Writing Center appointment can continue.


  • The Writing Center does not provide feedback on tasks that have passed the sources and professional communication (articulation) aspects. For students wanting to improve their competency in these areas, communicate with the Writing Center Instructor that there is not a task to review but that support is desired to improve in certain areas (e.g., run-on sentences, in-text citations, etc.) 



After scheduling an appointment, if you did not receive an email with the subject “Instructions for Writing Center Appointment,” check your junk mail folder. If the email is not there, you may have entered your email address incorrectly when you scheduled the appointment. Please email us at writingcenter@wgu.edu, and we can assist you with your appointment details.



General appointment tips:

  • Schedule an appointment at least one or two days before you want to submit your paper for evaluation to allow adequate time for revision. When planning ahead, keep in mind that the Writing Center Instructor may recommend follow-up appointments.


  • Review your paper before working with a Writing Center Instructor. Your appointment will be more efficient and useful if you have already attempted some revisions. This will allow the Writing Center Instructor to help you focus on the more troublesome or confusing errors.


  • If your paper was returned for professional communication (articulation) concerns, remember to access the evaluator's comments found in the PDF attached to the evaluation results. The comments provide a great starting point for your revision efforts.





 Mission Statement:

The WGU Writing Center empowers students to develop competency as confident and independent writers. Through quality and timely instruction, the Writing Center meets the unique needs of students as they work toward achieving their educational and career goals.


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