Secret to Success in Algebra: A463

We are excited to offer the first audit course at WGU, A463: Intermediate Algebra with the Math Center. This audit course provides the development of the essential math foundation needed to succeed in College Algebra.


If you have C278: College Algebra in your term and you have not taken C463 at WGU, A463 will automatically appear in your degree plan. Think about it like starting in the shallow end of the pool when you are learning to swim.  It’s a good idea, right? The course is formatted like C278 and uses the same learning resource, making the transition to College Algebra easier.


How to get started:

  1. Go to your course of study and take the Pre-assessment. Take your time and do your best; a Math Center Instructor will create a study plan focusing on only the sections you need to review.
  2. Make an appointment with a Math Center Instructor to get a study plan. If you are eager to get started look over your coaching report for guidance on which sections to review.


Additional Resources:


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